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Glenview School

The history of Glenview School begins in March, 1875, with a letter from local residents to the Queensland Department of Public Instruction advising that 'there were 15 children in the area in need of schooling'. The Department's reply indicated that the community would need to provide a 'weatherproof' building and accommodation for a teacher as preconditions to a school being approved. In April, 1878, Messrs Charles Ballanger, Thomas Maddock and Richard and William Westaway formed an inaugural school committee. They discovered a suitable, existing building close to the Mooloolah River. On 15 July, 1878 the 'Mooloolah Plains Provisional School' opened with 16 students and Mr Thomas Hodgson as the teacher. Eventually, in 1908, the school was re-named Glenview School and was moved to the current site on Glenview Road. The first teacher was Miss Kate Moloney.

Today, Glenview is a Queensland Independent Public School with a proud 141 year legacy of providing world class education to children from Prep to Year 6, a reputation for excellence, and a commitment to educating our future citizens. Glenview has a current enrolment of 290 students from Prep to Year 6 and a team of 45 teaching and ancillary staff.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to ensure that every young person leaves Glenview School with the confidence, capabilities and dispositions to be a successful citizen of the global community in the 21st Century.

Our School

Through exceptional teaching, a deliberately designed curriculum and high expectations established meaningfully and individualised for each child, our students are challenged and supported to achieve their goals and to accept responsibility for their own learning. We are committed to the belief that the development of a child's intellectual, social and emotional intelligences is a task interdependently shared between the child, the family and the school.

Our curriculum features learning areas in STeM, English, The Arts, Music, Languages, ICT (including Coding and Robotics) and Health and Physical Education. Individualised, child-centred approaches make learning an enjoyable experience where students are challenged to use their knowledge and understanding of facts, concepts and procedures in new and unfamiliar contexts and to think constructively and in depth.

Our pedagogy - the way we teach at Glenview - is premised on our values, our professional knowledges and deep understandings and the unique needs of our students and community.  Developing our staff expertise, professional skill and knowledge is a core element of our students' success. Staff dedication, enthusiasm and capability underpins students' successful learning.

We are committed to the principles of public education and we provide the best quality education for all children of all families.   We provide a safe, supported, connected and inclusive Learning Environment, enacting an aligned Curriculum and Assessment regimen planned around students and delivered through best-practice Pedagogy. Our educational decisions are evidence based and our expectations of students and ourselves embody 'excellence in all we do'.

Our School is built on our individual and collective commitment to and understanding of our values, our purpose and our four pillars of organisation; Learning and Achieving, Students, Community, and Leadership and Management.

As an Independent Queensland Public School, we are tasked with a high level of autonomy and self-governance.  Our performance is monitored by Education Queensland and the Principal is accountable for all aspects of the school to the Director-General of the Department of Education and to the School Council.

Our Values

  • Education- learning and achievement,  excellence and endeavor -  challenge and creativity
  • People – individuality, resilience, creativity and aspiration
  • Relationships- care, respect, courtesy, trust and honesty, passion and compassion
  • Responsibility – integrity, fairness, equity and diversity

I invite you to explore Glenview through our Website and facebook feeds. It would be our pleasure to welcome you to Glenview to learn more about our commitment to educating our young students.

A visit to our unique campus will reveal a dynamic blend of purpose, endeavour, consideration and care mixed with expectations and history creating a very distinctive learning environment.

Lex Heilbronn    BCom (UQ) Dip T (KPTC)


Glenview School

Last reviewed 04 June 2020
Last updated 04 June 2020