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Parent General Information


‘Glenview  E-Gazette’

Glenview State School publishes a fortnightly Gazette that is published on our website and a link emailed to families every second Tuesday. This publication keeps our parent community informed of our school and community happenings. Parents are encouraged to access their Gazette by email to save paper and hence the environment. If you have any articles for the Gazette please send them to the school office by Friday 12 noon. Preferably articles are to be emailed to

Pupil Emergency Information

The administration requires current record of pertinent information about pupils.  This includes information about contact numbers in case of emergency when parents cannot be reached and is invaluable in cases of accident or emergency.  The office must be informed of any changes as soon as possible.  All information is confidential, and for school use only. 

Change of Details

If you change your address, phone number or any other details, please notify the school in writing so that the school’s records are always current. This is very important in relation to caring for your child in the event of child illness or injury.
Absence from School
Students are expected to be a school at all times unless they are sick. Attendance is compulsory for students until they have turned 16 or completed Year 10. The school takes its duty of care responsibly for students very seriously. ALL students' absences must be recorded.
We are pleased to receive word by telephone, text or a written note on the morning of the child’s absence or on their return.  It is departmental regulation that a child’s parent/guardian notifies the school with an explanation for the absence.
If an absence is to be longer than three days, please advise the class teacher. Where a planned absence from school is anticipated (holiday), a week’s clear notice is requested in writing.
ABSENTEE LINE 5439 6766 (School Contact for non urgent Absence Only)


Teachers will not be called to the phone to take messages during class time.  Routine messages for students will be handled by administration staff.  If “After School” arrangements for your child/ren have changed PLEASE call the school before 2.00pm to allow time for the message to be delivered.


If there has been a change in the custodial care of your children, please report this to the Office. The relevant Family Court Order or Parenting Agreement is required. All family details are kept confidential however a copy of current court orders or legal documents is required to be provided to the school.

Complaints management

We are committed to providing a harmonious learning environment for our students, staff and parents. 

Dealing with issues promptly can avoid much distress for parents and teachers. Please make appointments to discuss issues.  Keeping the class teacher informed of events and happenings in a student’s life enables the teacher to understand issues impacting on a child’s learning and to provide appropriate support.

If your child comes home with a school related issue, listen and then seek clarification from the class teacher.  Please let the school deal with school issues. Education QLD policy prevents parents from dealing with other students.  Please work through the class teacher or Principal.


Our commitment to parents and caregivers:

We are committed to dealing respectfully with your concerns and complaints.

Some situations may require ongoing communication and management, while others may be resolved quickly.  We ask for your assistance in resolving matters efficiently and openly

The shared understanding of all at Glenview State School is that students are at school to learn.  The policy is written in the best interest of students to create and maintain a harmonious learning environment.  We thank all of our school community members for supporting this concept.

If you have a concern with any aspect of the classroom operations of the school please contact your child’s teacher in the first instance. For all other concerns please contact the Principal directly.