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Homework Policy


Self regulation and personal responsibility for learning are highly desirable attributes for students to develop. Homework assists with the development of these skills through providing opportunities for:
  • students to self manage completion of tasks.
  • students to consolidate and evaluate what they know and can already do from their engagement in learning activities at school.
  • students to be more aware of their own learning style and be able to use this to manage their own learning.
  • parents to be active partners in their child’s learning.
  • parents to be knowledgeable and actively engaged with the school curriculum.


Teachers are best equipped to make judgements on homework content best suited to the class and individual students. Curriculum emphasis for homework may include a combination of:
  • Numeracy skill consolidation.
  • Literacy consolidation including home reading.
  • Integration of homework tasks related to current task based work – noting that these may have different timelines to other homework tasks.
Suggested time allocation
  • Years 1-3   Between 10 – 15 minutes nightly (Monday to Thursday) or as a weekly homework contract of no more than one hour.
  • Years 4 – 5  Approximately 20 minutes nightly (Monday to Thursday) or as a weekly homework contract of no more than 80 minutes in total.
  • Years 6 -7  No more than 30 minutes nightly (Monday to Thursday) or as a weekly homework contract of no more than two hours.
It is recognised that valuable learning occurs through participation in after school sports and clubs in which children are involved. If required, individual families may negotiate a different time schedule with teachers for completion of homework.
Students have a responsibility to
  • Complete homework tasks to the best of their ability within the given time.
  • Respond to feedback about homework received from their teacher.
  • Have prior discussion with teacher when other activities will prevent homework being completed.
  • Communicate with teacher if homework is too difficul.t

Teachers have a responsibility to:

  • Select homework tasks that have a direct link to a current class activity.
  • Provide students with appropriately designed homework tasks.
  • Provide for the diverse range of learners through various levels of homework.
  • Correct or supervise the correction of homework and provide feedback to the students about all homework they have completed.
Parents have a responsibility to:
  • Support school’s Homework Policy.
  • Provide students with an appropriate physical space and time to complete homework.
  • Encourage students to complete homework.
  • Understand the difference between ‘completing work for the child’ and ‘motivating their child to complete set work to the best of their ability’.
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for engaging in discussion with the class teacher if homework is too difficult.
  • Communicate with the teacher of students in Years 1&2 if homework is too difficult.